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How do you replace fossil fuels with a zero-carbon alternative that still allows heavy machines to do heavy work for up to 12 hours a day, every day?

Batteries are not practical for equipment with high power demands, and for machines that work in remote locations, such as backhoe loaders and large excavators. Batteries would weigh too much, cost too much and there would not be enough time to charge them, even if on-site charging infrastructure was in place.

Engineers at JCB Power Systems in Derbyshire, UK, have developed the first hydrogen motor in our industry. Using and adapting established engine technology with readily available components, hydrogen is combusted and power is delivered in exactly the same was as a diesel engine. And now, our prototype backhoe loader, fitted with this new hydrogen motor, can do everything its diesel-powered equivalent can do.

What's more, the technology is far less complicated than hydrogen fuel-cell technology. Nothing but steam is emitted from the tailpipe. Zero COat point of use.

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