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Dana Spicer Genuine Parts and Aftermarket Services

Dana is a global leader in drivetrain and e-Propulsion systems. They engineer, manufacture, and distribute power-conveyance and energy-management solutions for the vehicles of today and tomorrow.

Central Driveline is the sole Authorised Distributor of Dana Spicer parts within the UK and Ireland, providing full support to the Dana Spicer range of brands and products.

Dana Spicer for Drivetrain and e-Propulsion technologies for all mobility markets

Dana Spicer is a global innovator and leader of drivetrain and e-propulsion systems for both the light vehicle, commercial vehicle, off-highway and industrial markets.

For over 115 years through various vehicle evolutions, they have innovated and revolutionised the industry with new products and technologies and, today, engineer, manufacture and distribute the best performing, energy-efficient solutions on the market.

Their mission is to move the vehicles of tomorrow, continuously focusing on adaption and innovation to remain the leading drivetrain systems provider and exceed all expectations of their customers.

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Dana Spicer Drivetrain Products

Dana Spicer is one of the only suppliers of full drivetrain systems to all core mobility markets – light vehicle, commercial vehicle, off-highway and industrial.

No matter the market, no matter the vehicle, Dana Spicer drivetrains always succeed in the efficient transfer of power and energy to your wheels reliably and durably.

Dana Spicer’s range of drivetrain systems, e-propulsion systems and additional products include axles, transmissions, driveshafts, prop shafts, motors and inverters, drive units, battery cooling systems, AWD systems, fuel cell plates, winches and wheel drives.

All systems and products incorporate the latest, most advanced technology, maximising speed, performance, fuel economy and operation.

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Dana Spicer at Central Driveline

Central Driveline, a division of Mitchell Powersystems, is a Service Centre and the sole authorised dealers and distributor of Dana Spicer genuine parts in the UK and Ireland providing full support to the Dana Spicer off-highway range of Spicer-Dana axles, driveline and transmission products. brands and products.

From our Service Centre in Sutton-in-Ashfield we specialise in the off-highway market, providing genuine parts, servicing and support for both machinery and vehicles from mining drills to harvesters and dock handling vehicles.

Dana Spicer Axle, Drivetrain and Transmission parts, Overhaul and Repair Services

We offer a comprehensive range of overhaul and repair services for off-highway Dana Spicer driveline equipment from Dana Axles, Dana Driveshafts and Dana Transmissions. We also support other Dana brands including:

▪ Clark
▪ Hurth
▪ Kirkstall
▪ Brevini and Graziano

Every drivetrain component is overhauled using only Dana Spicer genuine parts, checked and tested to meet OEM exacting standards.

From the finest detail on every transmission, axle, electronic control, and driveshaft to the integration of all components into a complete system, you can count on us for drivetrains that excel over the long haul.

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Dana Spicer Axles and Drives

With decades of experience in the off-highway driveline industry, Central Driveline’s Repair and Service Centre professionals create highly engineered solutions for Dana Spicer axle customers — powering machine applications, including conveyors, pulpers, ball mills, extruders, paper-machine rolls, and mixers across pulp and paper, steel and aluminum, stone and cement, mining, oil and gas, as well as agricultural processing industries.

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Partner Specific Experience

Download a range of Dana Spicer specific case studies demonstrating Mitchell Powersystems' ability to deliver the highest levels of product support on a range of Engines and Transmissions utilised on equipment within the industry.

Dana Spicer Driveshafts and Transmissions

We provide a one-stop-shop driveline and transmission overhaul and repair solution for multiple applications from basic gearboxes to leading-edge powersplit configurations, backed by Dana’s commitment to performance excellence.

We also hold stock of service exchange units for quick turn-around requirements.

We also provide the same quality overhaul and repair service for non-franchise driveline products including:

Axles: Kessler, Axletech, Volvo, ZF, Omci, Caterpillar
Transfer Cases & PTO’s: Axletech, Kessler, Cushman,
Transmissions: Turner, ITL, Volvo, ZF, Caterpillar

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Dana Spicer Genuine Parts

Demand the best. Demand genuine Dana Spicer® parts. For more than a century, the Dana Spicer name has built a legacy of success with quality drivetrain solutions. Genuine Dana Spicer parts are manufactured to the same high standards as original equipment because in most cases, they are OEM parts.

Central Driveline is the sole authorised distributor of Dana Spicer genuine parts in the UK and Ireland and offer genuine Dana Spicer® parts for all industrial and off-highway applications including but not limited to:

▪ Dana Spicer Axle Parts
▪ Dana Spicer Driveshafts
▪ Dana Spicer Centre Bearing Assemblies
▪ Dana Spicer Wing Series Products
▪ Dana Spicer Torque Convertors
▪ Dana Spicer Ring and Pinion Gearing
▪ Dana Spicer Powershift Transmissions
▪ Dana Spicer Hydrostatic Transmissions

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