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Volvo Penta REMAN Engines

The remanufacturing process of returned and used industrial engines and parts saves up to 80% of the energy needed to manufacture new components. By reusing up to 80% of the core from parts and engines, the impact on the environment is minimised.

With high stock availability and equal quality and performance, remanufactured industrial Volvo Penta’s remanufactured industrial engines and parts are an excellent components ensure precious uptime in your operation.

Remanufactured parts from Volvo Penta are restored to a new condition, updated to the latest technical specifications, and share the same quality as new parts.

With high stock availability, especially on engines, remanufactured parts ensure uptime. It’s also a cost-effective alternative to repair and overhaul.

By choosing remanufactured parts instead of newly produced, you lower the environmental impact.

Same high quality – same extensive warranty

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