Mitchell Powersystems offers a wide selection of Volvo Penta engines suitable for all your off-road equipment needs. Through our maintenance and advice, our support team will ensure your off-road engines always run as efficiently as possible with the highest uptime. By partnering with Mitchell Powersystems and Volvo Penta today, you can be assured of the best possible support and uptime for your engines.

The Volvo Penta Difference

To maximise your projects efficiency, you need a high uptime rate for your off-road operations. Volvo Penta engines minimise downtime risk by delivering reliable and high-power output, allowing your business to focus on what matters.

While being a leader in performance and efficiency, Volvo Penta is also committed to a sustainable future. All Volvo Penta engines satisfy Stage 2/Tier 2 and are available up to Stage V allowing your operation to meet the highest environmental standards.

We are an authorised Volvo Penta Centre providing new off-road engines, genuine Volvo Penta parts, remanufactured Volvo Penta parts along with product support and after-sales service UK-wide.

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Volvo Penta Off-Road Engine Sales

Volvo Penta engines are engineered to withstand the heavy-duty demands that off-road applications require. You can benefit from Volvo Penta's long service intervals of up to 1,000 hours, enhancing efficiency and productivity for your business.

From the long hours demanded underground for the mining industry to the busy harvest seasons for farmers, Volvo Penta engines are the ideal choice for dependable performance every time no matter the challenges.

Our in-house Engineering Team and Engine Sales Representatives are specially trained to assist you in selecting the best Volvo Penta engines for your off-road applications. With our added services, you can be assured that your engines will run at maximum efficiency for many years to come.

Volvo Penta Off-Road Engine Parts

Do you have the experience to install your off-road engine's replacement parts in-house? Our online parts shop makes sourcing replacement parts simple with a wide range of compatible genuine parts and a global distribution network.

Volvo Penta design, manufacture, and test our parts to the same rigorous standards as when your engine was built. By choosing genuine Volvo Penta parts from Mitchells, you can be sure each part will function correctly as a whole, assuring you of maximum performance and durability.

To learn more about our range of Volvo Penta parts for your off-road engine, click the button below.

Volvo Penta UK-Wide Support

We offer our customers extensive support coverage from a network of eight authorised Volvo Penta distributors in the UK. With on-site support, any problems with equipment can be dealt with quickly by our expert team, without the cost and inconvenience of transporting equipment.

Mitchell's Powersystems prides itself on speedy repairs, thanks to excellent part availability and rapid responses to customer enquiries. Each of our qualified Service Engineers are trained thoroughly in the latest Volvo Penta technology to ensure the highest quality service every time.

For any support or queries with your off-road engine, reach out to our Volvo Penta experts.

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