Here at Mitchell Powersystems, we supply a range of Volvo Penta power generation engines for a wide range of applications. Our UK-wide support ensures that your generators remain in the best possible condition, always ready when you need them. By choosing Mitchell Powersystems and Volvo Penta, you can be safe in the knowledge that you have the best possible generators, paired with unrivalled support.

Power Generator Sales

As soon as required, Volvo Penta engines are ready for your power generation needs. With unmatched load acceptance, these engines start up instantly and are designed to withstand the most demanding of environments.

Whether you need prime engines, giving a reliable source of power that never stops or standby power for emergencies where reliability and durability is crucial, Volvo Penta engines ensure that you always have a stable power supply.

At Mitchells, our Engineering Team and Engine Sales Representatives will work with you to select the best Volvo Penta engines for your power generation applications. With our added services, you can be sure that your engines will continue to operate at peak efficiency for many years to come.

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Volvo Penta Power Generator Parts

Does your business have the experience in house to fit your replacement parts for your Volvo Penta Power generator? Our online shop takes the worry out of buying replacement parts. With stocks of a wide range of genuine parts and our global distribution network, we will ensure you get the right parts as you need them.

Our parts are designed, manufactured, and tested to the same rigorous standards as when your generator was built. By choosing genuine Volvo Penta parts from Mitchells, you can be sure that you get parts that work perfectly together, for maximum performance and long service life.

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Volvo Penta Support that Keeps You Powered

Our extensive network of 8 appointed Volvo Penta dealers provides UK-wide coverage for any queries with your power generators.

Our qualified Service Engineers are fully trained in the latest Volvo Penta technology and repair processes, ensuring you get the best possible service every time. The five operating standards for all our dealers are:

  1. High technical competence with continuous product training

  2. Excellent parts availability

  3. Quick response to customers and speedy effective repairs

  4. Advanced diagnostics and expertise

  5. On-site support

For any support or queries with your power generator, reach out to our Volvo Penta experts. Call us on Tel: 01623 550 550

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Volvo Penta Service Centres

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