Volvo Penta Fluid Analysis Campaign

We are pleased to inform you about a new Volvo Penta Fluid Analysis Campaign from 1st January 2021 - 30th June 2021.

Mitchell Powersystems provides a fluid analysis service for Volvo Penta UK customers to deliver a comprehensive diagnosis of the condition of the Volvo Penta engine. The fluid analysis provides information such as water and fuel content, viscosity, dirt and the number of metal particulates in the fluid from component wear.

The test results will indicate the presence of any potentially harmful substances, allowing you time to plan maintenance or other measures, before major failure occurs.

We are still fully operational during this latest national COVID-19 lockdown and supporting Volvo Penta customer across the UK on Land and at Sea. Contact our Service Team to arrange an analysis of your engine's fluids.

Some of the benefits of participation in the fluid campaign include:

  • Comprehensive diagnosis of the engine's condition
  • Makes trends visible and provides early warnings for abnormal wear
  • Increased uptime and reduced operating costs
  • Better control over engine status - proving additional peace of mind
  • Excellent planning tool for preventative maintenance
  • High-quality analysis done by accredited laboratories using specified limits values defined by Volvo Penta